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  • closeup of control key closeup of control key

    Review: Hexgears X-1 Low-profile mechanical keyboard

    This mechanical keyboard gets some low-profile action.

  • rha cl2 planar magnetic earbuds rha cl2 planar magnetic earbuds

    RHA shrank planar magnetic technology and put it into some Bluetooth IEMs

    The CL2 Planar IEMs will assault your ears - and your wallet.

  • crazybaby air 1s crazybaby air 1s

    Crazybaby has released some insanely light wireless earbuds

    4.5g each, that's like a piece of printer paper.

  • allas earbuds allas earbuds

    Review: ALLAS True Wireless earbuds from TRNDlabs

    The ALLAS are solid everyday earbuds but don't wear them to the gym.

  • hexgears x-1 hexgears x-1

    Kono Store is back again with the Hexgears X-1 low-profile mechanical keyboard

    It's a low profile collaboration from Hexgears and Input Club.

  • sbode 06 sbode 06

    Review: Sbode 06 portable Bluetooth waterproof speaker

    Good sound at a great price, plus water resistance - what's not to like?

  • even h3 wireless even h3 wireless

    Review: Even H3 wireless headphones with EarPrint technology

    Can I hear clearly now?

  • soundpeats q32 soundpeats q32

    Review: SoundPEATS Q32 wireless earbuds

    For $50, these may be the best budget Bluetooth 5.0 headphones on the market.

  • humu pillow humu pillow

    This new augmented audio pillow actually lets you feel the sound, whatever that means

    Called the Humu, it's meant for movie watching, gaming, and stress relief.

  • project rock headphones project rock headphones

    The Rock wants to, ummm, rock your workout with the Project Rock headphones

    Rock out with your Rock out.

  • soundcast vg1 rugged bluetooth speaker soundcast vg1 rugged bluetooth speaker

    Review: Soundcast VG1 Bluetooth speaker

    Soundcast has managed to make a winner here, with a small Bluetooth speaker that puts out a fairly balanced sound signature...

  • jabra elite 65t jabra elite 65t

    Review: Jabra Elite 65t wireless earbuds with Alexa support

    Not the best wireless buds on the market, but a solid offering all the same.

  • fluance ai40 fluance ai40

    Review: Fluance Ai40 Bluetooth bookshelf speakers

    Dave Matthews Band sucks.

  • steam-controller-bluetooth steam-controller-bluetooth

    The Steam Controller finally has the connectivity originally promised

    Will work with Steam Link to use the controller on mobile.

  • safedome safedome

    Safedome announces the first Bluetooth tracker with wireless charging

    The hardest part will be remembering to charge it.

  • ultimate ears spotify control ultimate ears spotify control

    Ultimate Ears will soon feature Spotify voice controls on their flagship speakers

    Thanks to Alexa, both the Blast and MegaBlast lines will soon include Spotify controls.

  • Drevo Drevo

    Review: Drevo Calibur Mechanical Keyboard

    How does this new entry to the world of mechanical keyboards stack up?

  • ember mug ember mug

    Review: Ember Mug

    Hot coffee down to the very last sip.

  • dodocool headphones dodocool headphones

    Review: Dodocool DA156 Bluetooth earbuds

    $30 for a pair of Bluetooth headphones that rival those around $100.

  • linner bluetooth headphones linner bluetooth headphones

    Review: Linner Bluetooth headphones

    The gym and these headphones are a match made in heaven.

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