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Tech Hangover: Could electronic surveillance help curb the spread of COVID-19?

Probably, but let’s try this whole self-isolation thing and wait for it all to blow over.

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Image: KnowTechie

We get it, you have a life. There’s no way you can read all of the day’s news in one single shot, let alone visit every web page, which is why we’re here to help. Well, sort of.

There’s a ton of tech news we weren’t able to cover throughout the day (hey, give us a break, we’re a small independent outfit), so to help you stay up to speed with everything we didn’t get to, we rounded up some of the biggest stories, which should help you keep up to date. Hence the tech hangover. 

Here’s some tech news you probably missed out on today (and when we say you, we mean us, but also…you).

As Coronavirus Surveillance Escalates, Personal Privacy Plummets

user privacy apple amazon rekognition

Image: Unsplash

This is a tricky balance. Once you open the door to this, it’s really hard to go back.

Tracking entire populations to combat the pandemic now could open the doors to more invasive forms of government snooping later. In South Korea, government agencies are harnessing surveillance-camera footage, smartphone location data and credit card purchase records to helptrace the recent movements of coronavirus patients and establish virus transmission chains. – New York Times

The iPhone 12 Pro’s Camera May Offer Sensor Shift Technology

triple camera apple iphone mockup

Image: Digit

How do you make one of the best cameras in the game even better? Well, adding sensor-shift technology is always a good place to start.

The iPhone 11 series saw a major upgrade in the camera department, with the iPhone 11 Pro getting a triple-lens camera and the iPhone 11 stepping things up to a dual-lens camera. Now, however, it looks like the iPhone 12 will get yet another upgrade — a note from the well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo notes that the highest-end 2020 iPhone will have a larger camera sensor with sensor-shift stabilization. – Digital Trends

Microsoft says a new Windows zero-day flaw is under attack

windows 10 and internet explorer

Image: Windows


Microsoft says attackers are exploiting a previously undisclosed security vulnerability found in all supported versions of Windows, including Windows 10. But the software giant said there is currently no patch for the vulnerability. – TechCrunch

Amazon’s Prime Video Cinema hub to corral new theater releases

amazon prime tv

This should have been done ages ago. My wife and I were able to capitalize on this over the weekend. It’s so much better than going to the actual movie theatre.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread and force movie theaters to shut down, Amazon has launched a new hub featuring movies that Hollywood hoped you’d be watching right now in the theater. Amazon’s Prime Video Cinema allows you to rent or buy recently released movies through the streaming service. – CNET

Big Tech Could Emerge From Coronavirus Crisis Stronger Than Ever

tech hangover google apple amazon

Image: KnowTechie

2020 ladies and gentlemen.

Amazon is hiring aggressively to meet customer demand. Traffic has soared on Facebook and YouTube. And cloud computing has become essential to home workers. While the rest of the economy is tanking from the crippling impact of the coronavirus, business at the biggest technology companies is holding steady — even thriving. – New York Times

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