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Tesla has now been sued over Musk’s Full Self-Driving claims

The suit claims Tesla and Musk mislead customers on FSD’s capabilities.

tesla car
Image: Pexels

Tesla has found itself the target of a recent lawsuit filed in San Francisco. The suit comes from a Tesla owner claiming that Elon Musk has acted “deceptively and misleadingly” when talking about Full Self-Driving.

The lawsuit was filed in San Francisco by plaintiff Briggs Matsko (h/t Automotive News). Matsko paid $5,000 for the Enhanced Autopilot package back in 2018.

Interestingly, that’s just a fraction of the cost of the $15,000 Full Self-Driving package today.

The suit itself targets Tesla’s wording, such as Autopilot, as misleading and deceptive. It also references Elon Musk’s past statements and tweets with promises that the company has continuously failed to deliver.

tesla model 3 autopilot
Image: Teslarati.com

Several years ago, Musk claimed that a Tesla would make a complete cross-country trip in Autopilot mode by 2018.

The Tesla CEO also claimed that 1 million Tesla robotaxis would be on the road by 2020. Neither of these has happened yet. Now, Musk has pushed that claim back to 2024.

Matsko is seeking class-action status for this lawsuit, in an attempt to help any other owners misled by deceptive marketing practices.

They note another example of a 2016 video showing a Tesla Model X making a full commute to work and even parking the car after dropping off the driver. Former Tesla engineers claim the video was staged with 3D mapped routes that aren’t actually available in Tesla vehicles.

And finally, the lawsuit is targeting the dangers of Tesla’s Autopilot and Full Self-Driving features. It references a fatal 2018 crash where a Tesla slammed into a concrete barrier, as well as another crash involving a firetruck.

Matsko is seeking restitution for the money spent on Tesla’s Autopilot or Full Self-Driving in addition to punitive damages for misleading marketing.

This is far from the only backlash that Tesla has received over Full Self-Driving and Autopilot. It will be interesting to see what comes of this lawsuit claiming that Tesla has been deceptively misleading its customers for years.

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