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The IEVA Time-C smartwatch monitors the quality of your environment

Can it detect toxic people?

ieva time c smartwatch
Image: IEVA

At CES 2020, we’ve seen a lot of smart devices and wearables, but none as interesting as the IEVA Time-C. This sensor-studded wearable monitors your local environment and then gives you tips to combat the stresses that pollution and other things are doing to your body.

Finally, someone put a dermatologist into a wearable…

This smartwatch can tell you if your air is polluted

The IEVA Time-C uses all the data from its onboard sensors (and other sources) to provide actionable insights into your daily life, and dietary, skincare and haircare suggestions to combat the environmental stresses around you.

Think of it less as a smartwatch, and more as a beauty and health consultant crossed with a dermatologist on your wrist. Add to that a French design, a Swiss movement, and you’ve got a high-end watch that’ll turn heads.

The crazy amount of sensors in the “environmentable” (their word, not ours) include:

  • Ambient luminosity
  • Ambient noise
  • Indoor and outdoor pollution levels, with CO2 and Volatile Organic Compound sensors in the watch, and data pulled from sources such as the EU Copernicus Program for outdoor conditions such as fine particles, ozone, carbon monoxide and more
  • Physical activity tracking including steps, sleep and multiple sports detection modes
  • Heart rate

With IEVA’s other wearable environmentables starting from $170, expect the Time-C to come with a hefty price tag of $500 or maybe more when it’s available in the spring.

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