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The LG DualUp monitor ‘stack’ can now be yours for $699

This is an awkward monitor, but also kind of awesome.

lg dual up desk
Image: LG

Do you work best with a multi-monitor setup? How about an extra-tall display that’s like two stacked on top of the other? That’s essentially what you get with LG’s DualUp monitor, originally announced at CES 2022.

If you had your eye on it, you can finally make it yours. It’s available to buy now at LG for an eye-watering $699.

The DualUp’s intriguing form factor results from the two 21.5-inch QHD monitors it stacks on top of each other. Individually, each monitor measures 27.6 inches diagonally with a 16:18 aspect ratio.

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It utilizes the LG Nano IPS panel, with HDR support and two HDMI ports. It also includes several USB-A 3.0 ports, a USB-C option, and even a headphone jack.

The monitor features a 2560 x 2880 resolution, but it doesn’t display in 4K. Unfortunately, it isn’t great for gaming with a 60Hz refresh rate. This is the kind of monitor you want to relegate to work.

It can bump, too. Because why shouldn’t it? It comes with two 7W speakers and supports HDR10 content, with the ability to display two sources simultaneously.

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If you need to adjust it, you can adjust its height, swivel it to your liking, tilt it, and turn it around until it’s at the exact height you need for max productivity. And you’re gonna want to use this bad boy for being productive.

Ready to put down some cold, hard cash to bring home your own LG DualUp monitor? Grab one and get ready to figure out how to implement it in your desk setup.

Or buy two, and get ready for double the productivity. Just imagine how many Google Sheets or WordPress windows you could open.

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