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This EV charger can be summoned directly to your car

Finding dedicated charging spots could be a thing of the past.

Ziggy mobile ev charger
Image: EV Safe Charge

While there are definitely benefits to owning electric vehicles (EVs), there are still some frustrations. Like having to find specific parking spaces with an EV charger when you’re out and about.

EV Safe Charge is a Los Angeles company that has introduced a solution to that problem. Ziggy is an EV charger on wheels that you can summon to your car to charge it up.

It was created to make charging your EV a little more convenient when you’re out in public. The company designed Ziggy for use in hotels, parking garages, supermarkets, and other similar locations where you might need to give your car’s battery some juice.

Instead of having to drive around a parking lot to find yourself an open EV charging station, Ziggy makes things a little easier. Just find any parking spot, and you can summon Ziggy over to you.

It lets you spend less time looking for a parking spot and more time playing games in your Tesla. After it finishes charging, Ziggy moves on to the next charging job or heads back to its station to recharge.

That provides great benefits to business and property owners, as well. Instead of installing multiple chargers and designating those parking spots for EVs only, business owners can get a Ziggy that moves around the property to handle charging. And businesses can store it completely out of the way.

Ziggy is currently available for preorder, and the company plans to start production sometime next year. It will be interesting to see how many businesses end up going for a mobile EV charger like Ziggy in the future over more traditional options.

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