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Every component of this laptop has a QR code that links to a video on how to replace it

Replacing parts on a laptop can be a pain, but Framework has a solution.

framework repairable laptop
Image: Framework

Right to repair is in the news in a big way these days, with governmental backing to finally enforce the existing laws around repairing tech. Most laptop makers would tell you that working on your own laptop will be a bad time, but not a new startup called Framework. They actively encourage it with their modular laptop that the user can change almost everything in.

Literally, everything. The battery, the display, the webcam, the enclosures, the hinges, the input cover, the touchpad, the keyboard, the fingerprint reader, the headphone jack… the list goes on and on.

Now, if anyone’s built their own PC and then looked inside a laptop, you know everything in there is put together in some arcane manner that really needs a long instruction manual to disassemble.

Not so on the Framework laptop. Every component that can be repaired or replaced has a QR code on it. Scanning that sends you to a video how-to on replacing that component. Every screw, every step, every time. Neat.

framework repairable laptop
Image: Framework

Every Framework computer comes with a Torx T5 screwdriver, and literally, every screw in the laptop uses that head, so you don’t need to find other tools.

It doesn’t even come with immovable ports, instead, the laptop has four plug-in docks, where you can insert multiple ports to suit your needs, from USB-C, USB-A, HDMI, microSD cards, and even plug-in SSDs for extra storage. That’s a neat idea for an industry that often gives you two or four USB-C ports and nothing else, consigning you to a life of dongles.

If you like the idea of a self-repairable, more sustainable laptop, you can order one starting at $999.

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