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Tips for finally locating an Xbox Series X

Still struggling to snag an Xbox Series X? You’re not alone. If you desperately want one, follow these tips to locate an Xbox Series X.

xbox series x with a green glow
Image: KnowTechie

As with any new console, the scramble to acquire one has left units flying off the shelves. Xbox Series X is slated to sell over 30 million units by 2023 — but many people want their console now.

With the Xbox Series X flashing in and out of sales constantly, it might be difficult to gauge when you can purchase your Xbox Series X. 

Luckily, the more people who get an Xbox Series X, the fewer people you’ll have to compete with to get your unit. You can implement a few plans to ensure that you have a shot at acquiring your console as soon as possible.

Where to find an Xbox Series X

xbox series x console
Image: Unsplash

The first part of acquiring a much sought-after console is to know where they are sold. Plenty of physical and virtual retailers carry the Xbox Series X.

Where you decide to look for your new console is up to you. Depending on where you live, you may find more success looking in physical stores than battling others for units online.

1. Physical Retailers

One of the easiest places to spot an Xbox Series X would be in physical retail stores. Learn their restock schedule, and you’ll have a physical place to look for your console. Furthermore, once you purchase it, you’ll have it in your hands and won’t have to wait for it to ship. 

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Still, physical retailers carry only a limited amount with each restock, so it might be easier for you to grab a console online.

2. Online Stores

walmart xbox series x
Image: KnowTechie

Online stores are a great way to find the Xbox Series X — but your results may vary based on where you choose to get it. Restocks have been few and far between for many stores, likely due to a shortage of workers.

For example, Amazon hasn’t restocked its supply since mid-December. And while the company is using innovations like delivery robots to make up for the current shortage, they still likely have a ways to go before restocks like the Xbox Series X will become more regular.

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Walmart, Best Buy, and GameStop are some of the biggest retailers that have recently restocked their supply. As of 3:15 p.m. EST on March 23, Walmart in particular had the console in-stock and ready to ship.

Implement daily checks of these stores into your routine. If you know when they’ll restock next, keep monitoring the website just in case. Once you work it into your routine, checking for Xbox Series X will become like second nature, and you’ll be able to acquire yours.

3. Secondhand Sellers

xbox series x on ebay
Screenshot: KnowTechie

Some people may buy a console and decide that it’s not for them. It may have been a gift they have no use for, or they’ve run out of time or dedication to game on it rather than an older console.

In this case, consider buying from a secondhand seller. Just make sure to do your research ahead of your purchase. Always read the fine print and make sure you’re getting what you pay for at a fair price.

Don’t give into scalpers — people who resell something for a greater value than they bought it for. They typically acquire more units than necessary, then sell them for a profit when no one else can get them.

Unfortunately, it’s challenging to determine when someone could be scalping something when they first buy it. You’ll only know when it’s listed secondhand on another website.

However, many people call for companies to control the number of scalpers who will just buy and resell several units. Some companies have limited units to one per email, but further protective methods could come into play later.

Best strategies for purchasing an Xbox Series X

xbox series x controller
Image: Microsoft

Once you know the stores you’ll frequent to hopefully find your Xbox Series X, you can start to develop strategies that will help you find one.

You need to be on top of your game to ensure that you can find an Xbox Series X. These strategies just might make it happen for you.

1. Watch restock times

Find the restock times for your favorite store, then recheck them whenever you’re able. Something may change in the time between restocks, and something could restock sooner than you expected. If you want to catch an Xbox Series X as soon as it restocks somewhere, you need to be prepared at that exact time.

2. Use multiple browsers

If you’re dedicated to buying from one website, utilize multiple browsers to help your odds. While you shouldn’t scalp the product, having numerous browsers open — such as a mobile browser and a desktop browser — can help your chances of getting in to purchase an Xbox Series X. 

3. Have notifications on

Notifications are valuable because they help people notice things they may not have seen otherwise. If the store you plan to purchase from allows you to turn on notifications, go for it. Even if you forget the time the restock is supposed to happen, your device has you covered.

If the store doesn’t give you the option to sign up for email or text message notifications, create a reminder on your phone. Then, if all else fails, you’ll still have that notification to help you out in times of trouble.

wario64 twitter account
Image Wario64

Further, several Twitter accounts are dedicated to tweeting restock updates. Follow these accounts and turn on toaster notifications to get tweets sent right to your screen when an account posts a new update.

4. Check frequently

Even if you think you’re checking the stores enough, you’re probably still not checking as often as you need to. If you may have missed a notification, you should check manually now and then. You never know when something might change — and you could be better off checking the website.

5. Stay signed in

Make sure you stay signed in on the websites you intend to purchase from. You can lose valuable time by having to sign in or enter your shipping and billing information repeatedly. Minutes before a sale, make sure that you login. Visit the website so you’re prepared in advance.

Throw your hat in the ring for your Xbox Series X

Your dedication to snagging your console will determine whether you can accomplish your goal. Remember to keep your eyes open and expect the unexpected at every turn.

The better prepared you are, the more likely you will bring home that Xbox Series X.

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