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Twitter has finally updated its iOS app to stop tweets from vanishing

Wild that it took this long.

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Twitter’s iOS app just received a new update to fix one of the most annoying things about the overall experience. Now when you pause your doomscrolling long enough to read a tweet, your timeline will “stay put!” so you won’t lose the tweet you’re reading.

This welcome update comes a week after Twitter fixed the same issue on the web version of its site, which now shows a Tweet counter bar that lets you click on it to resume your timeline.

Now the iOS app will pause the auto-updating of the timeline while you read that hot-take or joke that made you snort coffee out of your nose and all over your screen.

It should resume filling in your timeline once you start scrolling again.

The culprit for the issue of the disappearing tweets? Twitter says it was because of how the system pushed tweets further up the timeline if they gathered more replies in the conversation.

Twitter has been in an unusually busy rush to add updates to the experience.

New monetization options with tipping, Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces were rolled out earlier this year, and the new subscription service, Twitter Blue, widely rolled out after a limited test.

Verification windows have also been open more than the last few years, and some types of accounts run by bots are now labeled so you know if those news sources are automated or not.

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