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Twitter is trying its hand at videos again with a new TikTok-like feature

Like just about everyone else, Twitter is taking major inspiration from TikTok with this new feature.

New twitter tiktok feature
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Six months after it abandoned its original venture into the video space, Twitter is looking to take another stab at TikTok-like short videos on its platform. The newly dubbed Tweet Take feature is currently being tested on iOS, and it looks a lot like one of the more popular TikTok trends.

The company announced this new feature with a tweet from the official Twitter Support page. Now, when retweeting a post, some users will see the option for “Quote Tweet with reaction.”

When you chose that option, Twitter will then let you post your own reaction to the tweet, either with a video or an image. When you do that, it will embed the tweet as an overlay in your reaction. Check out one of Twitter’s product leads, Sam Haveson’s, reaction below:

This new Tweet Take feature has a relatively uncanny resemblance to a popular trend on TikTok videos.

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When you’re scrolling through content on TikTok, you often see videos where creators have embedded a comment with a challenge or a request that viewers can read while the video is playing. Twitter obviously took some of its inspiration for Tweet Takes from TikTok’s similar feature.

It’s unclear just how many people currently have the Tweet Takes feature available on their profiles, but we do know that it is currently only available on iOS.

The feature is still in very early testing phases, so it will be interesting to see its reception as more people get their hands on the new Tweet Takes feature.

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