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Facebook rounds out the year as the least trusted tech company

Surprisingly, Amazon is the most trusted.

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If you’ve seen anything in the news this year about Facebook, it probably wasn’t good. Aside from rebranding its parent company name to Meta earlier this year, the social giant hasn’t received a lot of good press. And that has led the platform to become the least trusted of all of the major tech companies.

The Washington Post recently conducted a survey of a little over 1,000 internet browsing Americans. The survey found that out of many of the biggest tech companies, like Microsoft, Google, Apple, and TikTok, Facebook is, by far, the least trusted company when it comes to handling users’ personal information responsibly.

A whopping 72 percent of those surveyed said that they don’t trust Facebook very much, with 40 percent saying they don’t trust the company at all. TikTok came in second place, with 63 percent of participants saying that they don’t trust the ridiculously popular video-sharing platform.

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Image: Washington Post

The distrust of Facebook has been building for several years, ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal back in 2018. Distrust in the company swelled this year after the scathing ‘Facebook Papers’ were released by whistleblower Frances Haugen.

Other companies high in mistrust this year include Instagram and WhatsApp, both also owned by Facebook’s parent company, Meta. Google and YouTube were about 50/50 in mistrust. Microsoft and Apple were pretty close to each other, with about 40 percent saying they don’t trust those companies.

Surprisingly, Amazon came out of the survey as the most trusted big tech company on the list. 53 percent of participants said they trusted Amazon at least a good amount. I guess people are okay with Alexa listening to their conversations as long as their packages arrive on time.

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