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Want Facebook support to actually help you? Buy a $299 Oculus

Looks like you only get good customer support if you spend money.

Oculus quest 2 headset
Image: Oculus

Facebook is so bad at recovering its users’ hacked accounts that it can sometimes take weeks before your account gets recovered.

For some people, Facebook’s recovery process is ultimately useless, so they resort to buying a $299 virtual reality headset in hopes of better customer service.

According to a new report from NPR, a lot of Facebook users have had their accounts hacked recently, and the social platform’s recovery process is somewhat ineffective.

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The recovery process relies on a user providing a government-issued ID. Because the COVID-19 pandemic has affected business everywhere, the system leans heavily on artificial intelligence to help the process along.

Still, this recovery process relies on people to review IDs, and Facebook seems to be struggling heavily in that department.

One user says they submitted photos multiple times a day for weeks without any response from the company. Another was only able to submit their ID after tricking the system by covering everything on the ID except for their photo and name.

For some users, Facebook’s recovery process simply doesn’t work at all. As a result, several users have reportedly resorted to an unconventional method found on a random Reddit comment. By purchasing a $299 Oculus Quest 2 headset, which is owned by Facebook, these users were given access to real customer support that was able to quickly recover their profiles.

“The only way you can get any customer service is if you prove that you’ve actually purchased something from them,” says one user who followed this method. It is important to note that buying an Oculus Quest 2 is a guaranteed way to get your profile recovered, so proceed with caution if you’re considering this option.

This isn’t a great look for Facebook. The fact that the company has such a hard time recovering users’ profiles shows an overall disconnect with the platform’s users. Maybe this issue will get addressed in the near future, but it is Facebook we’re talking about here so I’m not getting my hopes up.

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