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Why won’t my Blink camera’s blue light turn off?

You might have noticed the bright blue light on your Blink camera. Here’s why it’s on, and what to do if you prefer it dark.

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You’ve recently noticed the blue light on your Blink camera. It’s always on, and you’re asking, “Why?”

Well, that blue LED serves an important function–it lets you know that the camera is recording or that someone is live viewing the feed.

However, this can be a nuisance, especially in a dark room. Also, it can give away your camera’s location.

If it’s an outdoor camera, you might prefer it to remain discreet. That’s difficult when blue LEDs are the brightest overall.

Thankfully, you can disable the light so it won’t turn back on. We’ll show you how.

Turn off the blue light on Blink Indoor, Outdoor, and Mini Cameras

To disable the blue LED on these models, you need to tweak the settings via the Blink app. Here’s how to do it.

Before we start, make sure you’ve installed the Blink Home Monitor app from the links above and are signed into your account.

  1. Open the app
    The user interacts with the graphical user interface and application.

    Open the Blink Home Monitor app

  2. Open settings

    Open the Settings menu by tapping the three-bar icon at the top right corner, then tap on General Settings.

  3. Find the LED settings
    A smartphone with a screenshot of its general settings , showing the device's firmware, network status led, wi-fi connection, and other multimedia and telephony features.

    Look for the Status LED entry and tap on it.

  4. Choose your setting for the LED

    The options are When Recording, Always On, and Always Off. Select Always Off, then exit settings.

Now, your Blink camera won’t use the LEDs for any notifications, keeping them dark at all times.

Turn off the blue light on Blink XT and XT2 cameras

If you have a Blink XT or XT2 camera, the LED can’t be disabled remotely. Instead, these models have a physical switch in the battery compartment to disable the blue LED status. 

Here’s how.

  1. Remove the battery cover from your camera. Just press down the arrow and pull up the cover.
  1. Look for a switch labeled REC.LED next to the serial number inside the battery compartment.
  1. Use a small screwdriver or your nails to move the switch to the off position. Avoid applying too much pressure, as it can damage the switch.
The image displays a person hand holding screwdriver and turning off the switch
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  1. Once you’ve turned off the switch, replace the battery cover.

Turn off the blue light on the Blink video doorbell and Gen-1 Indoor Cameras

Unfortunately, if you have a Blink Video Doorbell or a first-generation Indoor camera, there is currently no option to disable the blue LED light.

On these cameras, you can cover the blue LED with a piece of tape to block it. If you want a cleaner look, we recommend using a small amount of liquid electrical tape painted on the LED.

Now you know how to reduce the glow

Your Blink camera’s blue light isn’t without purpose. It tells you when it’s recording or live. But for some folks, it can be bothersome.

In this guide, we’ve shown how to turn off this light. For the latest models, you can do it with the Blink app. For others, like Blink XT or XT2 cameras, it’s a bit more hands-on. You’ll need to switch it off manually.

Unfortunately, you can’t switch off the Blue light on first-generation Blink Cameras or the Video Doorbell.

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