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How to fix a Wyze camera making noise

This is more common with version 3 Wyze cameras, and is extremely annoying.

Two white security cameras stacked vertically against a vivid purple background. They have prominent lenses and appear modern. A subtle logo in the corner.
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If your Wyze camera is making an odd sound, that could spell trouble for your hardware.

The most common unwanted noises are static-like buzzing and repeated clicking, and neither is normal.

It’s also possible that you noticed the noise after troubleshooting some other issues, like Wi-Fi connectivity or recordings not saving.

Any noise coming from a Wyze camera that isn’t the motor noises from the pan and tilt variants is a bad thing. It points to a serious hardware issue, and your camera could fail at any moment.

Here’s what to check before talking to Wyze for a replacement.

What to look for when troubleshooting a noisy Wyze camera

Before we start, if you only recently bought your Wyze camera and it’s making noise, talk to Wyze support as a first step.

Security cameras shouldn’t be making noise other than any motors that might be used to pan or tilt the camera. In all other cases, it’s caused by faulty hardware and the manufacturer should replace it for you.

Replace the power adapter

A white charging cable and power adapter are set against a vivid purple background, displaying a minimalist and clean design with a modern aesthetic.
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It is quite possible for an electronic device to make noise when it’s dealing with an inconsistent power supply.

Since the power adapter regulates voltage and current supply to Wyze cameras, it can be the culprit. 

For some users, the static noise was followed by Wi-Fi connectivity issues, and replacing the power adapter and cable solved the problem.

Tweak night vision settings

Smartphone displaying a settings screen for night vision mode, with options 'Off,' 'Auto,' and 'On' highlighted, against a purple background.
Image: KnowTechie

If the camera is making ticking or clicking noise, this might point to a hardware issue.

Wyze cameras usually have night vision capability, achieved by an infrared (IR) cut filter mechanism.

The IR cut filter moves over the camera lens to capture clearer images in low light conditions.

While adjusting the position, the filter makes an audible click. This IR cut filter sometimes starts malfunctioning, creating a continuous clicking sound.

You can check by turning off the camera’s night vision settings. If the clicking noise stops, you know what’s causing it.

It’s not a user-replaceable part, so your next step is to contact Wyze for replacement.

Try essential troubleshooting steps

You can try basic troubleshooting steps to fix the noise issue. However, keep in mind that noise is likely to be a hardware malfunction and not something the end user can fix.

Here are some steps for you to follow:

This is a stylized graphic of a white web camera with a prominent lens, mounted on a stand, against a vibrant purple background.
Image: KnowTechie
  • Update the Wyze camera to the latest firmware.
A smartphone screen displays device information, including model, MAC address, IP, signal strength, firmware upgrade version, and connected base station, on a purple background.
Image: KnowTechie
A metallic silver intercom mounted against a vibrant pink background with a speaker grille, control buttons, and a slot for communication.
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Claim refund or warranty

A smartphone displaying an Wyze Camera App interface with options to "Add to cart" and information about "30-day hassle-free returns" against a purple background.
Image: KnowTechie

If you have recently purchased a Wyze camera and it’s making noises, it shouldn’t; it’s time to talk to support. Or, if you’re still within the return period, do that instead.

That’s good advice for any tech purchase, as you shouldn’t run into any situations that need troubleshooting that quickly outside of manufacturing defects.

If you purchased directly from Wyze, you can return your cameras within 30 days by contacting the company.

There should be no reason your Wyze camera is making noise when on

Your Wyze cameras should be silently surveilling your home while on and not making weird noises. The only exception is the pan and tilt variants when the motor moves to a new position.

If any other noises are coming from your camera, it’s time to talk to Wyze support. They’ll likely replace your camera under warranty or give you options.

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