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Xbox PC games are coming to GeForce Now in new Microsoft deal

Microsoft is trying hard to make its Activision acquisition go through.

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Microsoft is gearing up to bring all its Xbox PC games to Nvidia’s game streaming platform, GeForce Now.

In a new press release, Microsoft and Nvidia shared the details of their new partnership. The deal will bring Xbox PC games to GeForce Now for at least the next 10 years.

“Xbox remains committed to giving people more choice and finding ways to expand how people play,” says Xbox CEO Phil Spencer in the release.

Geforce now game streaming service
Image: Nvidia

Nvidia’s Jeff Fisher follows up by saying, “through this partnership, more of the world’s most popular titles will now be available from the cloud with just a click, playable by millions more gamers.”

The deal offers Nvidia GeForce Now subscribers the chance to buy and play Xbox games that are already on PC through the cloud.

You’ll still have to purchase the games, but you don’t have to worry about downloads or a costly gaming PC.

This is part of Microsoft’s effort to look inclusive in the gaming space amidst its proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Several entities, including Sony and the FTC, are pushing back against the deal.

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Image: E3

Nvidia was seemingly against the acquisition at one point, but this deal may change things. A lot of the pushback around the acquisition involves Call of Duty.

But Microsoft has signed deals to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo, and now Nvidia GeForce Now, for the next 10 years. The company is doing its best to ensure its acquisition won’t be anti-competitive.

We still have to wait and see what happens with Microsoft’s Activision acquisition, but these new deals are starting to look good for Nintendo and GeForce Now users.

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