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Xiaomi teases its elusive folding phone yet again

Are two folds better than one?

xiaomi mi fold tri-folding phone
Image: Xiaomi

The foldable phone design is widely regarded as the future design of smartphones. At the moment, Samsung and Huawei have taken lead in the foldable phone industry with Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X.

Xiaomi, on the other hand, has also been teasing its very own foldable Android device. Unlike Huawei and Samsung, Xiaomi did not tease or release their phone at MWC 2019 as they wanted to take their time with the device and did not want to rush it.

Xiaomi president Lin Bin first previewed the device back in January with this video. Today, Xiaomi uploaded another video of the Mi Fold which gives us a better demonstration of how the device operates.

The Mi Fold has an appearance which resembles the Huawei Mate X, with its thin bezels on all sides and the screens ability to wrap around the outside.

The main difference between the two devices is that the Mi Fold folds twice featuring a bi-fold design, as seen in the video above. When fully expanded, the Mi Fold is closer to the traditional 16:9 ratio used in traditional phones and tablets. Due to the way the Mi Fold folds, it will also not be prone to the crease that has popped up on the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Xiaomi has stated that they are taking their time with the device and are not in a rush to release it. This could be due to Xiaomi trying to incorporate glass into their folding phone instead of plastic, which is more likely to get heat damage and a bunch of scratches.

Xiaomi is taking the smart way as they are waiting for better technology and are waiting for the market to stabilize before they release their foldable phone.

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