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1MORE uses innovation to deliver its answer to Apple’s AirPods with its new ComfoBuds series

With the ComfoBuds coming in at $99 and the ComfoBuds Pro clocking in at $149, they certainly offer enticing value over the AirPods

1more comfobuds
Image: 1MORE

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With the recent release of the Apple AirPods Max for a whopping $550, people are wondering why we are stuck having to pay so much for Apple products and whether they are worth it, or whether there are alternatives.

The latter is certainly true, and San Diego based headphone company, 1MORE, believes its ComfoBuds Series is that “AirPods Killer” that everyone is searching for. 1MORE’s product philosophy is to bring studio-quality sound and superior build quality at fair prices – leveraging their huge ODM business to be able to deliver products at lower costs than other companies.

1MORE’s Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones gained global market acceptance in 2015 and are still a top seller 6 years later. 1MORE and other manufactures have offerings that perform better than Apple’s products on specs, but will the market accept these alternatives? 1MORE is hoping so and is actively bringing new products to the market aimed at not only beating AirPods on price but delivering a product that’s just as good, if not better.  

1MORE has spent 2 years on the R&D process for their new ComfoBuds series and has keyed in on several factors that are known pain points for the AirPods and their users. From their research, they received feedback that the price, comfort, sound quality, and the lack of advanced ANC functions were the main complaints.

1MORE imagined a headphone that could address those problems and deliver its answer to Apple’s AirPods while staying true to its mission of delivering affordable products with superior sound and build.  Out of this process comes 1MORE’s answer to the AirPods, the ComfoBuds and ComfoBuds Pro which is aimed specifically at the 2nd gen AirPods and latest AirPods Pro.   

Most AirPods alternatives simply go after AirPods users by offering alternatives at vastly cheaper prices, but buyer beware as these products are not only inferior in price, they’re inferior in quality too.  In a world where headphone companies merely purchase off-the-shelf parts and assemble them to hit various price brackets, 1MORE instead designs and manufacturers all of its components from the ground-up, in other words, vertical integration.

Starting with the development of the drivers themselves, to the unique design of each headphone through to its production, 1MORE is committed to creating the best headphones at affordable prices. To achieve such high standards, 1MORE technicians continuously develop new technologies, include musical experts in the design process, and strive to create an end product that consumers will love. Enjoying portable music as the artist originally intended is no longer a luxury, but a 1MORE standard.

With the ComfoBuds coming in at $99 and the ComfoBuds Pro clocking in at $149, they certainly offer enticing value over the AirPods, but what else do they offer?

1more comfobuds
Image: 1MORE

These days, the average consumer is taking in hours of content through headphones each week. 1MORE engineers wanted to make sure their product was comfortable for long periods of use. 1MORE believes that nothing should come between you and your music, for the goal of any great technology is to make the user feel like it’s not there.

1MORE’s ComfoBuds were designed with a similar “pod” style of design, but 1MORE went one step further and used successful designs from its previous ANC products and added an oblique angle and small acoustic tube resulting in a more ergonomic fit in the ear that ensures a tighter seal. This also makes it harder to fall out while jostling around. The acoustic tube puts the sound coming out of the headphones closer to the eardrum, resulting in less in-ear distortion caused when the driver is farther from the eardrum, as in the AirPods. The result is a lower distortion sound experience, and a more comfortable fit to boot.  

1MORE’s ComfoBuds series offer 1MORE’s signature sound curve that they’re famous for. 1MORE is part of a global master alliance of audio research engineers. 1MORE co-operates with acoustic experts as well their in-house sound expert and Grammy-winning sound engineer, Luca Bignardi. The sole goal for this division is to deliver superior sound quality so that users can hear the music the way it was meant to be heard. The ComfoBuds offer a full frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz – which extends beyond the human ears’ ability to hear. Together with the combination of careful studio tuning of the drivers with a full frequency response , it delivers a rich and detailed soundstage that excels over AirPods.  

ANC is expected now on most devices but not all of the ANC on the market works effectively. 1MORE’s new QuietMax technology is available on the ComfoBuds Pro, and is a novel approach to elevating traditional ANC.

1MORE’s QuietMax active noise cancellation technology is forever changing the way headphones deliver ANC by combining hybrid ANC technology, full-frequency sound, precise audio tuning, dual-band ANC + wind noise reduction in one suite, and employing these technologies in chorus to immerse listeners into a captivating HIFIaudio environment. QuietMax technology solves the problems that current ANC solutions have that cause havoc on sound quality, through technological innovation and proprietary sound tuning. 

QuietMax certified products represent the best HIFI ANC has to offer and the only two-way HIFI ANC solution on the market.  Apple’s AirPods Pro offers some but not all of these features, making 1MORE’s ComfoBuds offering even more enticing.  

Image: 1MORE

In addition to innovating new ways to provide a better product choice for consumers, 1MORE’s ComfoBuds series has advantages in other categories such as lighter earbuds (3.8 grams for ComfoBuds), 4 ENC mics, customizable touch controls, higher IPX water resistance, and two color options.  

The value proposition that 1MORE has aligned is aimed at providing headphone buyers a better choice to the more expensive Apple AirPods through leveraging innovation and manufacturing muscle. The question remains, will the market accept this as a true contender for an“AirPods Killer,” that people have been searching for?

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