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7 major presentation distractions

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Nowadays, it is very hard to focus on one thing owing to the fact that we have so many distractions. Making a presentation for distracted people means that you must put a lot of energy to gain and maintain their attention. You should work hard for combating distractions and competing for your audience’s attention.

7 Distracting Factors During Your Presentation:

  1. Clothes you wear:  Don’t think that listeners mainly focus on your presentation. As soon as they see the slides, they will look at you. That is why speakers shouldn’t dress so that they will think about their torn jeans, jewelry or hat instead of observing presented ideas;
  2. Templates you use: Presentation design should stay helping but not distracting. Don’t annoy your audience with ordinary PowerPoint templates and fonts. There are much more interesting and attractive PowerPoint backgrounds professional by on the Internet for your choice. Make your slides easy for audience’s eyes so as to not make them keep sight from your slides;
  3. Handouts you give. If speakers give handouts before their presentation, they will see that listeners turn pages of handouts losing focus on what is said. Be wise, give handouts after your speech or ask audience to not open handouts until this speech won’t finish;
  4. Gestures you make: Nothing is more distracting than actions and gestures made inappropriately. Presenters can use gestures for emphasizing something but if listeners pay more attention to how they made them than what they wanted to mention, there is a problem;
  5. Words you speak: Avoid clichés and overused phrases, check whether you use words appropriately enough. People expect presenters being intelligent and paying attention to their words, don’t ruin these expectations as it may disappoint them;
  6. Extra-sounds: Nothing can ensure absolute silence in the office near the railway or if there is a lunch near the presentation room. But if you can avoid some noise, do as much as you can;
  7. Room and place characteristics: When you make presentations, being prepared is staying armed. Come to the hall or a conference room, draw its characteristics on a sheet of paper and try to plan your performance in details. Also, learn to adjust your voice so that everybody can hear you.


Don’t forget about your audience

The world is not ideal. If you make your presentation, there will always be factors which might make listeners lose the focus of attention. But sometimes the main reason why they lose focus is that they are not interested in your presentation. Make it attractive and interesting helping the listeners keep focus not paying attention to train sounds or any other distracting moments.

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