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A new Spotify ‘miniplayer’ lets you play music directly through Facebook

This new feature is available to everyone.

spotify facebook boombox
Image: Spotify

Facebook and Spotify have teamed up again to bring a new feature that will allow users to play Spotify music directly from the Facebook app. The service, which is available to both free and premium Spotify users, is being rolled out today.

Spotify and Facebook have been working together for a while now, and recently announced an expansion to their partnership, called “Operation Boombox.” This new feature allows Spotify users to share what they are listening to directly to their Facebook newsfeed. From there, anyone that sees the post can listen to the song directly from the Facebook app.

There is one small caveat to this new feature. The integration actually does a behind-the-scenes app change when a user selects the song on Facebook. The song is actually still being played through the Spotify app. This means that you must have the Spotify app downloaded on your device before you can play music through Facebook.

The feature does have some different functionality, depending on whether or not you are a Spotify Premium subscriber. Both free and premium users can listen to the full song that is shared through Facebook. However, because free users cannot pick and chose songs to play on the app, music afterwards will continue in the same ad-supported shuffled, radio manner that free users are used to. For Premium users, listening to a song through Facebook will give you the full playback experience of wherever that song came from, whether it was a playlist or an album.

This new “miniplayer” is pretty cool. It allows the Spotify app and brand to reach more users while simultaneously giving people more reason to spend more time on Facebook. It seems like a pretty big win for everyone involved.

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