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The new Apple Watch charger could hint at upcoming details about the new iPad Pro

Just go with us on this one.

new ipad pro
Image: VenyaGeskin1

Apple might have accidentally given away one of its most poorly kept secrets in recent memory. In recent weeks, it released a new magnetic charging cable for Apple Watch that includes a USB-C connector, not USB-A, which is found on the regular versions. This suggests the 2018 iPad Pro models could feature USB-C, not Lightning, as long rumored.

What does an Apple Watch charging cable have to do with the iPad Pro? Plenty, if you think about it.

With the recent announcement that a full version of Adobe Photoshop CC is coming for iPad in 2019, Apple is once again mentioning its flagship tablet as a computer replacement. One of the (many) ways computers are different than iPads is the ability to charge peripherals. Assuming the new iPad Pros includes USB-C, Apple could now allow charging from the tablets too.

apple watch charger ipad pro 2018

Image: Apple

What this could mean for other peripherals

As Business Insider notes, if Apple’s goal is to make more people look at the iPad Pro as something that can replace a laptop, “including a USB-C port would be the logical move.”

This could be taken a step further by allowing other peripherals, like keyboards, mice, or even an external display, to be used in conjunction with the iPad Pro. This could see a wider range of adoption from creatives and professionals, alike.

Of course, adding USB-C to the end of an Apple Watch charging cable also means computers with USB-C can charge the wearable device regardless of what Cupertino does with the new iPad Pro models.

We’ll know soon enough.

On Thursday, Apple announced it would be holding a press event on Tuesday, Oct. 30 in New York City. Besides new iPad Pro tablets, the company is likely to use the occasion to announce new Macs.

In the meantime, you can purchase you fancy new USB-C Apple Watch charging cable for $29 from the Apple online store.

Are you interested in the upcoming iPad Pro? Let us know below.

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