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Apple’s new PowerBeats headphones are just $150 and offer up to 15 hours of battery life

The previous leaks are finally confirmed.

Apple beats 4 ear buds
Image: Apple

If you don’t like the thought of going to the gym with your AirPods, you don’t have to. Beats’ latest Powerbeats are coming on March 18, and they’re ready to get sweaty in the gym.

Yes, that means that Apple is now selling two lines of wireless headphones to its users. AirPods for everyday use, and black-hued (with white and red versions also available) Powerbeats for the gym rats. I mean, AirPods get gunky fast enough without cardio sessions, so you’re better off using another set of earbuds when exercising.

The new Powerbeats are expensive for a cabled set at $149, even if they have a promised battery life of 15 hours on one charge. You’ll need that extra battery, as there’s no case to recharge them while you’re out of the house, and they only recharge via a Lightning connector so you’ll probably want to be an iPhone user if you buy these.

Oh, and they’re IPX4 water-resistant (I did mention they’re ready to get sweaty…). Apple’s H1 chip is onboard, so they’ll connect fast to your stable of Apple products, and users will have hands-free access to Siri while you’re grinding out some reps. There’s no noise-canceling or auto-pause when they’re taken out of your ears, but then again you’re not paying the extra for those either.

If you’re one of the 45 percent of American smartphone users that have an iPhone and don’t want shiny white plastic in your ears, maybe it’s worth checking out the new Powerbeats’ when they release tomorrow.

We’ll update this piece when a link is made available for purchase.

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