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AT&T sent out an email to some customers trying to scare them into upgrading their phone

This is gross.

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Picture it, you’re settling in for the morning, checking emails and you see one from AT&T saying that it will soon be updating its networks and that some phones will no longer be compatible with the network, including the phone you are currently using. What would you do? Start looking for a new phone, I imagine.

Looking past the fact that we are all dealing with a pandemic and many people are out of work, it’s a scary email for anyone to receive. Imagine one of your parents or grandparents seeing the email and not looking further into it, instead, rushing out to spend money on a new device.

As reported by Android Police, the vague email has caused plenty of concern for customers, with some even voicing their concerns on AT&T’s forums, worried that the email was a scam. There is a link within the email that points to more information and that the changes will not be happening until as late as February 2022, but why wasn’t that information included directly in the email?

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Screenshots: Android Authority

So, what is the change? AT&T notes that in 2022 that it will stop supporting 3G, which means that phones that utilize 3G towers would be unable to make cellular calls once the change occurs.

In addition, it seems that some customers with 4G-compatible phones, including the Samsung S10e, are also getting the email, adding even more issues to the vaguely-worded email.

Overall, it’s just a bad look for AT&T. We live in a time where, for some of us, our phones are one of our only connections to the outside world, and to make people feel like they need to update so they don’t lose that lifeline is extremely gross.

What do you think? Did you receive one of these emails? How did you feel? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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