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How to switch off 5G to save iPhone battery life

Want to save your precious battery? Turning off 5G might help.

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While 5G boasts faster speeds than 4G LTE, no gain comes without sacrifice. If you’re someone who frequently sees the low battery warning, switching 5G off on your iPhone might help.

5G is the powerhouse of cellular connection standards, but it also consumes a lot of energy. When you don’t need super-fast internet on your mobile device, switching back to 4G can help extend your battery life.

In some cases, you may not even notice a drop in performance, especially in areas where the 5G network isn’t robust.

If you favor longevity over speed, changing a simple cellular setting in iOS can help you save power. Let’s discuss how to switch off 5G on your iPhone to conserve battery life.

How to turn off 5G on iPhone

If you want to make your battery last longer, here’s how to switch off 5G on an iPhone to save power:

  1. Go to Settings > Cellularcellular settings page on apple iphone settings app

  2. Then, tap Cellular Data Optionscellular data options with roaming options on iphone

  3. Tap Voice & Datacellular data options on ios device showing voice and data

  4. Select LTEvoice and data options including 5g on ios

You can, of course, switch 5G back on at any time or opt for the automatic setting. When you enable 5G Auto, your iPhone automatically switches to 4G LTE when the connection isn’t performing.

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Enabling this preference allows you to take advantage of faster speeds when they’re available and conserve battery life when 5G offers no notable benefits.

Should you use 5G on an iPhone?

If you’re connected to a solid network and need a quick connection for streaming video, transferring large files, or performing another high-bandwidth task, enabling the faster 5G standard may be worth the sacrifice.

If, however, quicker speeds won’t enhance what you’re currently doing, switching to 4G LTE can help save power. With that said, the extra energy used by 5G may be noticeable, but it’s not a ridiculous amount. If you seldom see the low battery warning pop up on your iPhone, 5G likely isn’t a concern.

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