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CamSoda launches the O-Seat so your Peloton ride is actually climatic

Cycling purists are gonna hate this.

Camsoda o seat
Image: CamSoda

In the past year, adult cam site CamSoda has launched SuperCast and SeriesCast, Camoji avatars, connected vapes to masturbation, launched virtual oral sex, streamed Thanksgiving dinner and maybe hired someone to watch and analyze porn all day. Now it’s launching a vibrating bike seat for $29.99.

The product is aptly called the O-Seat and is not really a bike seat. It’s one of those bike seat padded slipcovers (I have one on my road bike) that has a tiny pocket on the underside that fits a Lovesense Lush vibrator (or one of its many knockoffs). So you get it right? You can make it vibrate by jamming a sex toy into it and since it’s a CamSoda branded slipcover, it can go on any bike seat.

That means, of course, CamSoda is all like hey, use it on your Peloton or in a SoulCycle class! Those are things that people like to talk about and incessantly post on Facebook about! Hell, Kevin can’t stop oozing from his perineum about how much he loves his fucking Peloton. Peloton, CrossFit for your butt. Regardless, it’s popular and considering CamSoda’s track record of cheeky marketing associated with popular trends, this O-Seat makes perfect sense.

“2019 has been a hallmark year for cycling. People have become obsessed with it,” says Daryn Parker, VP, CamSoda in a press release. “Peloton is a now bonafide fitness phenomenon. SoulCycle has a cult-like following. With millions of impassioned riders now taking cycling classes at cycling studios and/or via a smart bike at their home, we figured we’d provide them with some sexual pleasure while doing so.”

O-Seat can be controlled via the users’ public or private CamSoda account

Camsoda o seat body
Image: CamSoda

Or you can just buy it and jam a regular vibrator in there and do what you goddamn please without having to sign up for anything. However, if users choose to connect to their public account, then the O-Seat is controlled by users’ tips. If kept private, it would be controlled by another person. Frankly, it’s a great way for cam performers to get in a work out while still getting tips.

If you read the blog post about the O-Seat you’ll note a bunch of asterisks next to Peloton and SoulCycle. That’s because naturally, those companies have absolutely nothing to do with this product. They just happen to have brands that use bike seats and this thing just happens to fit over it like a condom on a banana. The banana ain’t fuckin, but how else are you gonna learn?

Regardless, this isn’t nuclear fusion over here. It’s amazing that CamSoda has to be the one to think of stuffing a bike seat cover with vibrators. Why haven’t you horny little animals thought of doing that? Have you? Have you already found some other way of turning your bike ride, Peloton ride or SoulCycle ride into an orgasmic experience? I mean, besides the mad fucking miles you tore up.

Peloton has been under some weird scrutiny lately for its holiday ad. It’s a luxury brand for sure. So creating a vibrating bike seat aimed at Peloton users is a way to perhaps bring Peloton users back to Earth, one vibration at a time.

What do you think? Is this just a marketing move by CamSoda or do you think it will actually see use? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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