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Can the PlayStation 4 play DVDs and Blu-ray movies?

Is Sony’s console just for games, or can you watch movies, as well?

playstation 4 console on purple background
Image: KnowTechie

Quick Answer: Yes, the PlayStation 4 can play DVDs. The PS4 has a slot-loading disc drive to play CDs and DVDs, including Blu-ray discs. However, you’ll need to do one thing the first time you play a DVD.

The PlayStation 4 is obviously a great way to play some awesome games like Fallout and Epic Games’ Fortnite, but what else can the console do?

What if you want to use your console for other media discs? Will the PS4 play DVDs and Blu-ray movies?

Of course, DVDs are pretty outdated in terms of media technology these days. But many of us still have big DVD collections that we like to watch.

While many of us spend more time streaming shows and movies than watching things from a disc, it does beg the question:

Can the PlayStation 4 play DVDs?

Short answer: Yes, but you’ll need to do one thing the first time you play a DVD.

Fortunately, you can use your PlayStation 4 to play DVDs and Blu-ray movies.

Although most of us stream our TV shows and movies more often than physical discs, it’s nice to know that you can still use your PS4 to play your physical movie collection.

You don’t need any extra app on the PlayStation 4 to play DVDs as you do on the Xbox One.

However, there is one relatively simple requirement that you’ll have to meet to watch DVDs on your PlayStation 4.

How to watch DVDs and Blu-ray movies on PlayStation 4

playstation 4 on table playstation 1 games
Image: Unsplash

Setting up your PlayStation 4 consoles to watch DVDs is relatively easy, as long as you have access to the internet.

Before you can watch a DVD on your PS4, you have to enable the capabilities with a day 1 patch from the internet.

Typically, the patch will auto-install the first time you connect your console to the internet.

In rare cases, however, it might install the first time you try to watch a DVD.

ps4 blue screen for updates
Image: Sony

Either way, try to be connected to the internet the first time you insert a DVD to ensure that the patch downloads automatically.

If you don’t know whether or not you have the DVD playback patch, you can always try a DVD out on your console.

It certainly won’t hurt anything, and the only thing that could happen is your console telling you it doesn’t support the disc. And if the DVD is playable, you know you’re good to go.

Possible reasons PS4 won’t play DVDs

sony playstation 4 controller
Image: Unsplash

A majority of the DVDs that you’ll find should work with no problem. However, there are a couple of reasons why a particular DVD won’t work.

If you’re having problems getting a DVD to play on your PlayStation 4, check to see if any of the problems below apply:

  • Never been online – As we mentioned above, you need a day 1 patch to be able to play DVDs on your PS4. If your console has never been online, that could explain why your DVDs won’t play.
  • Burned DVDs – On a support page on PlayStation’s website, the company confirmed that burned or copied DVDs won’t work on the PS4.
  • Region-locked DVDs – Depending on where you bought your PS4, it will be locked to a certain region. If you buy DVDs from a different region, they likely won’t work on your PS4.
  • Cracked or scratched discs – If your DVD is scratched or damaged, it likely won’t work on your PS4. And depending on how bad the damage is, it could even harm your PS4’s disc drive.
  • Poorly produced DVDs – Some are poorly produced, and the PS4 disc drive simply won’t read them. You’ll rarely find this problem, but it’s certainly possible.

If you’ve checked for all these issues and still can’t play your DVDs, the disc drive on your PS4 might be damaged.

And that begs the question: Does playing DVDs on PS4 damage it?

Does playing DVDs on PS4 damage it?

Fortunately, this is not something you should have to worry about. If you’re not trying to play damaged DVDs, they won’t harm your PS4.

There are a few disc types that Sony warns against using because they will damage your PS4.

Don’t try to play 8 cm discs, discs that are different shapes, like squares, stars, or hearts, or discs with paper labels on them.

Those discs could potentially damage your PS4, making it so you won’t be able to play regular DVDs anymore.

Hold on to that DVD collection

sony playstation 4 on table with controller
Image: Unsplash

With streaming services like Netflix and Hulu taking up so much real estate in the entertainment market, it’s easy to forget that DVDs and Blu-ray movies are viable options for consuming media.

Especially in areas where stable internet is hard, or impossible, to come by.

Fortunately, you can use your PlayStation 4 to play those DVDs, as long as you can access the internet at least once.

And after that first-time access, you’ll never have to be online again.

So don’t throw away that DVD collection quite yet. Turn your PS4 into your full media device for gaming and movies all in one box.

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