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Meta’s Roblox competitor is now available to stream on Facebook

Anyone with a Facebook account can try their hands at creating games in Crayta.

Crayta platform on facebook gaming
Image: Meta

Facebook has taken yet another step towards Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of the metaverse.

The Meta CEO recently shared that the company’s Roblox-like game building platform, Crayta, is now available on Facebook Gaming via the cloud.

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Crayta is a game-building platform that lets users go in and create their own games using resources already developed and available within the platform.

It contains a user-friendly developer toolkit that allows just about anybody to hop in and create their own games for others to enjoy.

Zuckerberg hopped in the game with a few creators to show off the platform. Within the platform, those creators built a replica of Meta’s Hacker Square courtyard.

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Crayta as a platform has been around for a little while now. It originally launched as an exclusive for Google Stadia back in 2020. Since then, it has made its way to the Epic Games Store and the studio behind the platform was bought by Meta in June of 2021.

What’s cool about this platform is how users can play it through the cloud, completely free. There’s no need for lengthy downloads or powerful computers. And now, you can play Crayta directly through Facebook, as long as you have an account.

Another great feature of Crayta is how easy it is to share your game creations. When you create a game, you’re given a link for that game. And all you need to do is share that link with your friends, and they’ll be able to hop in and try your game out for themselves.

Crayta will be a good addition to the Facebook Gaming platform. Especially, considering the company’s push towards developing content around a metaverse.

While Crayta is not necessarily as bold a vision as some of Meta’s other projects, it’s a step in the right direction for the company in terms of creating new, digital content for its users to experience.

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