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Does the Pixel Watch offer automatic workout detection?

Automatic workout tracking is one of Fitbit’s most convenient features.

Google pixel watch
Image: Google

Quick Answer: No, the Pixel Watch does not offer real-time automatic workout detection. Instead, it detects a completed workout and displays stats and a summary in the Fitbit app for later viewing.

Google’s Pixel Watch is the company’s first entry into the smartwatch market. The Pixel Watch is integrated with Google-owned Fitbit technology.

But does it automatically track workouts?

Automatic workout tracking is one of Fitbit’s best features. Some of the company’s smartwatches, like the Charge 5 and Fitbit Ionic, offer automatic workout detection.

Fitbit automatic workout detection screenshot over a purple background
Image: KnowTechie

Using continuous heart rate monitoring, these devices accurately monitor and record your workouts in real-time.

In Fitbit’s case, the smartwatches use this heart rate data to recognize when you start a workout and automatically track your exercise.

Pretty cool, right? So what about Google’s Pixel Watch?

Does the Google Pixel Watch have automatic workout detection?

Short answer: No

Unfortunately, the Google Pixel Watch does not include the same automatic workout detection features found in some Fitbit models.

Note: While the Pixel Watch doesn’t track real-time workouts, it can detect exercise automatically; you’ll need the Fitbit app to view your summary and stats.

The missing feature was initially discovered by Connect the Watts. Automatic workout tracking joins a list of several other Fitbit features missing from the Pixel Watch.

Moreover, the Pixel Watch does not offer swim stroke tracking or all-day body response tracking.

Smartphones displaying google pixel smart watches with sleep profiles on purple background

In a later software update in November, 2022, Google introduced sleep profiles to the Pixel Watch. But, it’s locked behind a Fitbit Premium membership.

In other words, users have to pay for the feature, which costs $9.99 per month or $79.99 annually.

Will the Pixel Watch ever get automatic workout tracking?

Short answer: Possibly

Speaking to 9to5Google, Google confirmed that automatic workout tracking is unavailable on the Pixel Watch.

Nevertheless, the watch can detect workouts after the fact, but it won’t track them in real-time.

Pixel watch face at an angle
Image: Google

However, the door isn’t completely shut for automatic workout tracking.

Google told the publication that, “over time, [it] will work to bring more on-device workout recognition to our watch portfolio.”

The Google Pixel Watch does not currently have the ability to Auto Start, Stop and Pause a workout on the device, like users can on Fitbit devices. However, it does automatically detect a workout after you’ve completed it, and logs the summary with your stats within your Fitbit app.

While that doesn’t say much about adding automatic workout tracking to the smartwatch, the possibility is still there.

Stick to Fitbit for real-time automatic workout tracking

New fitbit sense 2
Image: Fitbit

Pixel Watch automatic workout detection: Coming soon?

Although the Pixel Watch has several Fitbit-like features, real-time automatic workout tracking is not one of them.

Again, it can detect some workouts after they have happened, but automatic tracking in real-time is not possible.

That’s not to say that the feature won’t come to the Pixel Watch, but for now, you’ll have to stick to Fitbit devices like the Charge 5 if you want active workout tracking.

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