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Does the iPhone 13 have a USB-C port?

The new iPad mini has USB-C, but what about the iPhone 13?

iphone 13 in all colors
Image: KnowTechie

The iPhone 13 has arrived and it comes with a couple of exciting changes. As always, the latest iteration of the flagship device comes with improved cameras, features, and more.

And many fans of the iPhone have been wondering about another potential change in this version of the iPhone: Does it finally have a USB-C port for charging? After revealing that the iPad mini was equipped with a USB-C port, it looked like this might finally be the year.

Apple has been adamant about using its own Lightning port in devices for many years now. But with USB-C becoming a more standard connection, many people were wondering if Apple was on board with making the change on the iPhone 13. So, did they finally make the switch?

Does the iPhone 13 have a USB-C port?

Short answer: No

If you thought this was the year that Apple finally made the switch to USB-C for the iPhone, think again. The iPhone 13 and all of its four variations will come with Apple’s standard Lightning port.

Even though Apple has opted to go for USB-C charging options on some products, including the new iPad mini, it doesn’t look like the company is quite ready to abandon the Lightning port on the iPhone. But it does at least look like USB-C charging is on the company’s radar, so maybe the company will opt for that option in next year’s phone.

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