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Everything new in iOS 15.4

Apple’s iOS 15.4 is expected to be quite promising.

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Apple has announced the release of its latest operating system update, iOS 15.4. The software is currently under development in beta testing, and it’s packed with new features, additions, and changes. 

iOS 15.4 will be a significant upgrade for Apple users and will likely bring more bug fixes and necessary security patches. iOS 15.3 was a minor update that brought improvements to Safari and Google ID data, which could have exposed user browsing history. 

Here’s more information about Apple’s iOS 15.4 and what users can expect from this new version, set to be released this spring.

Apple’s iOS 15.4 Is in Beta Testing

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Image: KnowTechie

iOS 15.4 is already available but only in beta form for developers. If you’re an avid Apple user craving to get your hands on 15.4, it may be wise to wait until it’s publicly available, as this version will likely be bug-free.

The beta version of iOS 15.4 can impact the performance of core apps. It could also drain your phone’s battery life and the overall speed of your iPhone.

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While Apple has yet to announce 15.4’s official release date, it will likely be in beta for several weeks so the company and its testers can resolve some of its major issues. 

It’s also reported that Apple will release a new iPad Air and iPhone SE in early March, as well as the rumored iPhone X Fold and iPhone 14 later in the year, so keep an eye out for these new devices. 

What Are Some Updates in iOS 15.4?

iOS 15.4 is expected to bring several notable features to Apple users.

  • Face ID with mask: The 15.4 version will allow users to unlock their phones even while wearing a face mask. Apple warns it may be less accurate, as the phone will only scan visible parts of the face. Users can also disable the feature if they prefer.
  • New emojis: It’s reported that around 37 new emojis will come with the latest iOS version. There will also be 75 new skin tone variations to promote inclusivity for all Apple users.
  • Anti-stalking for AirTags: Stories about unwanted AirTag tracking have cropped up, which is why Apple now issues a warning to users explaining that tracking someone unknowingly is illegal. Also, law enforcement officials can link AirTags to users to improve safety.
  • Universal control: This feature allows iPad users to connect their device to a Mac and use a single mouse and keyboard for both devices for a seamless experience. The iPad would act as an extended display for the Mac. 
Apple universal control using a mac and an ipad
Image: Apple
  • Tap to pay: This feature essentially turns your iPhone into a contactless payment terminal. This will be helpful for businesses and iPhone users alike.
  • New Siri voice: A new female voice in English will be available for 15.4 users under the American category in the Siri settings.
  • Apple card widget: If you use an Apple card, the new widget will display your balance, available funds and daily spending in various categories.
  • Notes in iCloud keychain: Users can now add notes with a password, a common feature across several password managers. 
  • Digital IDs in wallet app: This feature allows users to add driver’s licenses or state IDs to the digital wallet app. The rollout may be slow, but it could make it easier for users to provide identification at TSA, retailers, events or other venues that require it.

These are some of the most significant upgrades coming with Apple’s latest OS, and it’ll be exciting to see how they work when the final version is released. 

Apple Users: Get Ready for iOS 15.4

Apple’s iOS 15.4 is expected to be quite promising. The hope is that Apple will deliver on these expectations and fix any bugs found in the beta version of 15.4.

Some of the features listed above, among others, may be subject to change as the beta version progresses. Keep an eye out for 15.4 in the upcoming months.

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