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EyeDrive wants to reduce distracted driving with a new holographic heads-up display

EyeDrive is already in production.

eyedrive holographic car display
Image: Eyelights

If you don’t have an in-dash GPS, chances are you’re using your smartphone as a GPS. With distracted driving being a leading cause of crashes and injury, having your smartphone readily accessible means you’re tempted to do other things, like replying to texts or social media messages. Even in-dash GPS users aren’t immune to this, as checking your route still takes your eyes off the road.

With public safety organizations saying you lose around 5 seconds of awareness every time you glance at your phone, is there a better way to get that information? There has to be.

That’s the question answered by EyeDrive, a holographic heads-up display for your windshield. Now your GPS route is firmly in your field of vision, meaning you don’t have to take your eyes off the road ahead.

EyeDrive’s holographic display is 4000 nits, which the company says is ten times brighter than other solutions on the market. It’s also got automatic brightness control, so it’ll work the same at any time of day.

Check it out in action:

With compatibility with iOS and Android, EyeDrive can be controlled by your favorite voice assistant (unless your favorite is Alexa). You can use gesture controls for things like answering calls, controlling your music, or accessing the included backup camera. I wonder if the camera could be mounted on my off-side side mirror instead, as my car already has a backup camera. Still, this is a great way to update older cars without having to involve a costly dealer visit.

That backup camera is battery-operated, with a removable battery for ease of use. It connects to the EyeDrive device wirelessly, so no need to drill holes in your car or fish cabling through panels.

If you want to be one of the first to own an EyeDrive device, the Indiegogo campaign will be live later today with early bird pricing of $199 for the first 200 backers.

As always, backing a crowdfunding campaign isn’t a guarantee of getting the product. That said, the EyeDrive is already in production and the team has a successful product under its belt with the EyeLights HUD for motorcycle helmets.

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