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Facebook is redesigning its website and app to focus on groups and real life connections

Ugh, I hate it.

Image: Facebook

Facebook unveiled a new design for its app and website at the F8 Developers Conference this week. The new design revolves around groups and real-life connections as Facebook has tried to stick groups into as many places as they can in the new design. In the new redesign, you’ll find recommendations for groups you may want to join in the Marketplace, Facebook Watch, and other parts of the app.

Now, you might be wondering, what has changed? To put it plainly, everything has. The new redesign looks completely different and looks very white much like the new Twitter. It’s time to say goodbye to the infamous blue bar at the top since the new redesign completely removes the blue bar replacing it with a very big and bright Facebook logo.

The navigational icons have remained at the top of the app with their order being changed slightly. Facebook has always wanted to give stories a lot of importance and we can see that in the redesign as they make the stories icons much larger and the status update box much smaller and less prominent.

facebook mobile update showing at f8 2019
Image: Facebook

As previously mentioned, Facebook is mainly focusing on groups in its new redesign

The company claims that there are around 400 million groups and that they are one of the most meaningful ways people use Facebook. Facebook also wants to build upon real-life connections and its new “Meet New Friends” feature which will “help people start friendships with new people from their shared communities like a school, workplace or city.” This new feature resembles Facebook dating features.

The redesigned version of the app is rolling out now, and the desktop changes will be coming later this year. Let’s see if this redesign will make inactive users start using the social site again or make active users stop using it entirely.

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