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New Galaxy S24 leaks reveal chipset details and store colors

There’s very little we don’t know about these phones now.

Leaked Official Images of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series
Image: Arsène Lupin on X

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We are only days away from the next Galaxy Unpacked event, where the famed Korean tech company is all set to announce the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. While most of the S24 series details are already available, a few titbits are yet to arrive.

Today’s information reveals the Snapdragon for Galaxy branding for the Galaxy S24 series and the Samsung Exynos 2400 SoC powering the Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus in select regions.

What’s the difference between the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy? 

New Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Renders
Image: OnLeaks/SmartPrix

According to a report from Winfuture citing an official data sheet, Samsung will equip the Galaxy S24 with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 in some regions, e.g. USA, but with the “for Galaxy” branding. 

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy will reportedly have a slightly higher clock speed of 3.39GHz compared to the 3.3GHz on the regular version of the SoC.

Meanwhile, the two clusters of Cortex-A720 cores on the “for Galaxy” are said to run at 2.9GHz and 3.1GHz, which is slower than the 3GHz and 3.2GHz speeds of the standard Snapdragon 8 Gen 3.

There’s also a disparity with the Cortex-A520 cores that reach a max speed of 2.2GHz on the “for Galaxy” version while reaching 2.3GHz on the regular 8 Gen 3.

There could be more differences. What that means in terms of performance remains to be seen. However, after looking at the clock speeds, we expect the difference to be minimal. 

What about the Exynos 2400 on the Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus in Europe? 

According to the same report, Samsung will launch the Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus with the Exynos 2400 SoC.

The leak states that the Exynos 2400 has a max clock speed of 3.2GHz on its prime core, 2.6GHz, and 2.9GHz on its two clusters of Cortex-A720 cores, and 1.95GHz on the Cortex-A520 cores.

In short, these figures are lower than what Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 offers. While the report suggests that despite the difference in the clock speeds, there’s only a 3-5% difference in performance, it didn’t reveal the impact of the energy efficiency. 

We are yet to know which SoC Samsung allocates in which regions. Based on the leaks, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is said to come with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy all across the globe. 

We are also pretty sure the Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus will get the Snapdragon in the US, while Samsung Exynos 2400 SoC in Europe and maybe all other non-US regions.

More Galaxy S24 details leak

Samsung Galaxy S24 render
Image: SmartPrix

Another report from WinFuture reveals the Galaxy S24 series’s spec sheet for Germany and Europe, pointing to the Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus’s Exynos 2400 chip and S24 Ultra’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset.

According to the leak, the Galaxy S24 Plus and S24 Ultra are set to get QHD+ screens. However, all three models are getting the LTPO technology down to 1Hz.

This is a great change, as last year, only the S23 Ultra offered the lowest refresh rate of 1Hz, while the S23 and S23 Plus bottomed out at 24Hz. 

In addition, all three Galaxy S24 handsets are tipped to get Bluetooth 5.3 support. 

While the S24 Ultra gets the latest Wi-Fi 7 support, the Exynos-powered S24 and S24 Plus are set for Wi-Fi 6E. Also, the vanilla S24 handset won’t have UWB capabilities.

Lastly, WinFuture has dished out the device’s pricing. According to the report, the vanilla S24 starts at €899, the S24 Plus will cost at least €1,149, and the S24 Ultra will start at €1,449. 

The outlet also states that all three Galaxy S24 handsets will be available in exclusive Jade Green, Sandstone Orange, and Sapphire Blue colorways via the Samsung store.

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