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New Google Pixel Watch promo video confirms previous leaks

Not all previous leaks about the Google Watch were correct though, it seems.

Google pixel watch
Image: Google

It’s two weeks until Google’s next hardware event, where the Pixel Watch will be released. While we’ve already seen leaks of the device, Google decided to one-up those with a sizzle reel of the Pixel Watch in all its glory.

The video shows off the design in great detail, backing up everything that was leaked previously. These include the hardware crown, the curved glass face, and the Pixel-colored watch bands.

The promotional video also shows Corning Gorilla Glass branding and a singular button on the watch’s right, just above the crown. Earlier leaks thought there might be two buttons here, but no.

Source: Google

The cool detail we didn’t already have is how the watch band attaches. The end of the band has clips that the watch body rotates onto to lock in.

It’s pretty sweet, but we wonder how easy it is to change the band. Also, what happens if the clips become loose?

That physical crown also rotates, so it will likely be a navigation tool similar to how the Apple Watch functions. That’s important, as the Pixel Watch pricing leaked slightly higher than the Apple Watch base price.

That makes the Pixel Watch a premium smartwatch, and the hardware has to match. The thing is, all the Pixel Watch needs to do is not suck.

Seriously, that’s it. The Apple Watch is the market leader for wearables by a significant margin. None of the existing Android Wear wearables are even close.

Google just has to be better than the rest of Android for it to be a success, even at the rumored $350 price point. We’ll have to wait for reviews to find out.

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