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Hate the ducking autocorrect on your iOS device? Here’s how to teach it to swear

Create a contact with your favorite curse words and your iPhone will no longer correct them.

ios saved contact
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Auto-correction on smart devices is great for hard-to-spell words or quick typing when you’re not really paying attention to where you’re tapping. One thing it’s not great for? Spelling swear words, especially iOS, where every attempt to teach your dictionary that you didn’t mean to type “ducking” fails miserably.

Thanks to your iOS device’s penchant for suggesting your contacts list in the autocorrect space, you can hack your iPhone to swear happily without you having to laboriously type out each seedy epithet letter-by-letter. Here’s how.

Here is how to stop your iPhone from autocorrecting your favorite swear words

Thanks to my ever-increasing Twitter addiction, the answer to the question “how do I teach my iPhone to swear?” popped up on my feed earlier today. Now it’s time to share that wisdom with all of you, because duck autocarrot.

  1. Tap the Phone app then the Contacts tab on your iOS device ios contacts tab

  2. Add a new contact, then fill in the name fields with your favorite swear words. ios contact create with swear words as name fields

  3. Save the contact ios saved contact

  4. That’s it. Now your iOS devices will stop autocorrecting your favorite swear words while you’re texting your friends. ios spellcheck showing swear words we saved as contact

Now your iOS device will automatically suggest the swear words you saved because it thinks that they are Contact names instead of bad words. You’re welcome, have a great ducking day.

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