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Here’s what happens if you mail an AirTag to Tim Cook

One also went to North Korea, but it’s MIA.

Apple airtag being held
Image: Unsplash

Okay, so we know that AirTags are good at tracking anything you can attach to them, but does that tracking also work internationally? Would they still transmit? How long before they died? These are all important questions, and German YouTuber MegaLag decided to put them to the test.

Back in June, he bought a three-pack of AirTags and decided on his intended destinations. Now, he knew that sending them to any old random place wouldn’t do. It had to be places of note.

One went to the German embassy in North Korea, one was sent to SpaceX HQ addressed to Elon Musk, and the third went to the only place that made sense – Tim Cook at Apple Park in San Francisco, California.

Not to say that all three actually got to their destination, but two did, and one even got mailed back to him with a nice note! That’s the one sent to Apple’s HQ, which was returned with a nice note written by Tim Cook’s assistant thanking MegaLag for his creative use of the AirTags.

And the other two? Well, the one sent to Elon Musk kinda sat at SpaceX HQ, until it was destroyed. I guess it’s hard to read all your fan mail when you’re busy shitposting on Twitter or sending rockets into space.

The last one, which was on the way to North Korea, got stranded on the way, as North Korea closed the borders to incoming flights as part of its COVID-19 precautions. Still, the AirTag showed where it was, even when DHL said they couldn’t find it.

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