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Someone put an AirTag on a cat and it worked about as well as you’d expect

It was a nice idea.

apple airtag on a cat
Image: Created Tech / YouTube

Apple’s AirTags are designed as a standalone tracking device that can help you keep up with a variety of different things. With the Find My app, you can track virtually anything by attaching an AirTag to the object.

Whether it’s keys or a briefcase or just about anything else, AirTags are a great way of keeping up with many objects. So what happens if you try to track your pets with them?

One YouTuber has tested them out on a cat, and the results weren’t the best. YouTuber Created Tech posted a video earlier in the week of their attempt at tracking their cat with an AirTag. Here’s how that went:

As you can see, it seems hard to get over the sheer size of the Apple device when attached to a pet as small as a house cat. The poor girl can’t even reach her food with that thing dangling all over the place. Combined with the device’s reliance on the Apple ecosystem, it doesn’t seem like AirTags are the best pet trackers.

Though you could possibly get away from the bulky size of the AirTag with a smaller ring, the tracking is still a little wonky. Cats move around a lot, and that can make it difficult for your phone to find the AirTag.

Although it might seem like a good idea at first, pet tracking with AirTags doesn’t seem to work too well and Apple has said as much. The trackers are definitely great for keeping up with things like keys or bags, just not for living beings.

It would probably be best to stick with traditional GPS tracking devices to help keep up with your pets.

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