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How to cheat at Wordle and get away with it

Obviously, this takes the fun out of the entire game, but who are we to judge?

how to cheat at wordle
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Wordle has become a big deal, invading social media feeds and group chats in all corners of the internet. The game involves guessing a word of the day in a hangman-style experience in which you only have six attempts to get it right.

Once you’ve discovered the correct word, part two of the game involves sharing your results with anyone who’ll listen and even some who won’t.

Such a basic online game should be difficult to cheat, right? You may be surprised. Let’s discuss how you can cheat at Wordle and get away with it.

How to find tomorrow’s Wordle answer

twitter wordle
Image: KnowTechie

If you were a coding wizard, would you use your abilities to identify tomorrow’s Wordle answer? Software engineer Robert Reichel would.

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In his blog, Reichel discusses the reverse engineering process he used to devise a method for finding future Wordle answers. He’s even been thoughtful enough to provide the complete script needed to identify tomorrow’s solution.

Here’s how to find tomorrow’s Wordle answer using JavaScript:

Go to Reichel’s blog and copy the JavaScript at the bottom of the pagewordle javascript tool
Paste the code into your browser’s Web Console and press Enter. You can access the console in Firefox using Ctrl + Shift + K (Windows) or Cmd + Opt + K (Mac). Other browsers may require different key combinationsconsole script for wordle
Check the output for tomorrow’s wordhow to cheat at wordle

The method is accurate and currently outputs the correct answer every time. Now you can become a fraudulent Wordle master and earn the respect you deserve.

Should you really try to cheat at Wordle?

If you’re going to cheat at Wordle, you shouldn’t try to hide it. Now that you know the secret recipe for discovering future solutions, you can flaunt your newfound power in the faces of your friends and foes.

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For added enjoyment, you could start posting your flawless victories on social media and see how long it takes someone to call you out. Soon enough, Wordle will be just like cycling: everyone’s cheating, but no one wants to talk about it.

If blatantly cheating isn’t your style, but you’d still like some help once you get to that last line, check out these tools for helping solve Wordle puzzles.

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