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How to watch Disney+ movies in IMAX resolution

Currently, the feature is only available on a select number of films.

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In collaboration with IMAX, Disney now offers some movies on its streaming service Disney Plus in Expanded Aspect Ratio. IMAX Enhanced titles use the altered resolution but don’t yet include other features, such as Digital Theater Sound (DTS).

Using the 1:90:1 ratio means a taller picture that diminishes the size of those familiar black bars at the top and bottom of the screen.

With the feature enabled, you’ll feel less like you’re watching a movie through the slot of a letterbox and more like you’ve wandered into an actual IMAX theater—perhaps.

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Currently, IMAX Enhanced is only available for a select number of compatible Marvel films, but more will likely follow. Let’s discuss how to watch Disney+ movies in the IMAX Expanded Aspect Ratio.

Watch Disney+ movies in IMAX resolution

If you’ve got a Disney+ subscription and want to experience IMAX’s Expanded Aspect Ration, you can use these steps to view a movie in the enhanced format:

Navigate to Disney+ through the web or launch the apphow to watch disney plus imax movies
Select a movie and ensure that the IMAX ENHANCED label appears with the film informationhow to watch disney plus imax movies
Click the VERSIONS tab and select the IMAX Enhanced editionhow to watch disney plus imax movies

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You won’t see any indication of compatibility until after you make your initial selection. Once you’ve chosen a movie, Now Streaming in IMAX Enhanced will appear beneath the title. On top of that, the IMAX ENHANCED label accompanies other film information, such as classification and runtime.

Expect more features in the future

In the battle to win the streaming wars, the service that provides quality content and innovative features at a fair price will reign supreme.

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Disney’s inclusion of IMAX Enhanced titles brings it one step closer to replicating the cinematic experience. At a time when movie theaters are losing their appeal, any streaming service that embraces the shift to home solutions will scoop up a good chunk of the audience.

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