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Apple Watch button feature rumored to land on iPhone 15

Apple fans are sitting in anticipation for the next iteration of the iPhone. While we wait, there’s always room for rumors and leaks to keep us occupied.

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A new rumor is making the rounds and claims the iPhone 15 is ditching the mute switch and replacing it with a multi-use capacitive button that can handle several tasks, similar to the Apple Watch.

According to one rumor, the iPhone 15 Pro may have a unified solid-state volume button. Another word for solid-state in this instance is “capacitive.”

This means the button isn’t mechanical and utilizes the microprocessor to handle the task instead of a physical button press.

That’s what this new rumor is detailing. The microprocessor in the iPhone 15 Pro would handle a lot of tasks.

Let’s talk about the iPhone 15 capacitive button rumor mill

iPhone camera slot

The rumor comes from an anonymous user on MacRumors’s forums.

According to another well-known leaker, ShrimpApplePro, this source correctly leaked the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island two weeks before it was released.

One concern mentions that most capacitive buttons need power to function. But, Apple has thought ahead.

As mentioned, the microprocessor handles a lot of tasks. It seems that it also handles certain things when the phone is powered down or even entirely out of juice.

According to the anonymous forum post:

Whether it gets shown off on-stage, or just left in the technical specifications, the micro-processor IS going to be there and it will be focused on managing the device when it’s powered down or off, and will take on responsibilities of capacitive buttons at ALL times, even when the phone is on, as well as Apple Pay express and Find My Network updating (LE Bluetooth, NFC, etc.) – – Anonymous user, MacRumors Forums

One comment in the forum thread mentioned that the capacitive buttons would make it much harder for those who like cases on their phones.

Since the buttons utilize touch and force over pushing a mechanical button, it would have to be open to the elements like rain.

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It looks like Apple is taking steps to enhance incoming and outgoing audio going forward. Between this and the previous Voice Isolation feature, phone audio is getting a lot of attention.

For now, take all the rumors and leaks with a grain of salt since Apple hasn’t announced any of this. We’re sure in the coming months that, we will find out exactly what will be included in the 2023 iPhone lineup.

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