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Save 75% on your first two 2 months of Kindle Unlimited

The deal gets you two months of Kindle Unlimited for just $5. That’s $15 less than you’d normally pay for two months of the service.

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Can’t wait for Amazon Prime Day to score a deal? How does 75% off your first two months of a Kindle Unlimited subscription sound?

Prime Day doesn’t take place until July 12 and 13 this year. But you can subscribe to Kindle Unlimited and soak up millions of ebooks, magazines, and audiobooks on the cheap right now.

And if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can nab a special deal on Kindle Unlimited before Prime Day.

The deal gets you two months of Kindle Unlimited for just $5. That’s $15 less than you’d normally pay for two months of the service. You need to be a new member, though, and keep in mind that your subscription will renew at the normal $10 a month price.

kindle unlimited deal
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What is Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited is simple to use. You can “borrow” up to 20 ebooks or audiobooks at once. There are no due dates, and you can borrow and return as many books as you want in the same month with no caveats.

You can even access your books without a Kindle. Use a tablet, smartphone, computer, or other mobile devices to enjoy it all on the go. Or at home. Whatever you prefer.

Kindle Unlimited is absolutely worth it if you’re an avid reader, or if you’ve exhausted the Project Gutenberg collection. I kid, but if you’re into Manga like I am, there are some great series on there to get you started.

kindle unlimited deal books
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Considering you’ll pay at least $10 for one volume of manga (and you can never find volume one at the library) it’s a great deal just for that, really.

If you’re not into Kindle Unlimited, there are no early cancelation fees. Just cancel your subscription before it auto-renews, and you can start up again anytime. If you love to read, consider this your sign to go hit that subscribe button.

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