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Sony now has a PS5 Beta program – here’s how to sign up for it

The beta will let you test out a new system update early.

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Image: Sony

Sony is gearing up for its first major system update for the PS5. There have been a few updates already pushed for the PS5, but this time the company wants to make sure that everything is perfect.

As part of the preparation for this update, Sony wants its players to be involved. For the first time, the company is opening up a beta program that will give some PlayStation users the chance to test out the new update before it is released.

Sony didn’t give many details in regards to what we could expect from this PS5 update. All we know so far is that the update is planned to be pushed out sometime later this year. The company did say that it would be sharing some of the things we should expect to see from the update in the coming weeks.

So how can you sign up for Sony’s PS5 beta program?

Sony has already opened up registration for the PS5 beta program. As of right now, you must be 18 years old or older and live in the U.S., Canada, Japan, U.K., Germany, or France to sign up for the beta. Here’s how you get registered:

  1. Head to the PlayStation Beta sign-up page
  2. Sign in to your PlayStation account
  3. Select Register to sign up for the beta

Once you’ve completed these steps, you will be registered for the PS5 beta program. You’ll also be able to revert to the most recent stable release if the beta is giving you issues.

As a note, registering for the beta does not guarantee you access once the beta starts. Sony will be choosing the accounts that they would like to participate in, and the company has not guaranteed access to anyone.

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