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Rumored Sony PlayStation 5 Slim appears in new video 

Not a strong leak, but the PS5 Slim may be coming.

playstation 5 standard edition vs ps5 digital

An alleged video of the so-called Sony PlayStation 5 Slim has surfaced online. However, the device showcased in the video looks exactly like the existing PlayStation 5 in terms of color and design. 

The rumor about the PlayStation 5 Pro model in development has been running for a few months at least. However, very little is known about the PlayStation 5 Slim variant. 

Sony started the trend of having a PlayStation Slim variant since the PlayStation 2. And it has been three years since the original PlayStation 5, so we’ve all been wondering whether Sony would be release a Slim variant of the PS5.

The video of the PlayStation 5 Slim was leaked on X, formerly Twitter

A video was leaked on X, formerly Twitter, that appears to be the new “Slim” variant of the PS5 through BwE_Dev.

The video showcases the device from various angles. However, we are uncertain at the moment whether this is a new PS5 variant. The device looks pretty much the same as the existing PlayStation 5 in the video. Unfortunately, we are unable to confirm its validity, so take this video with a grain of salt. 

Coincidentally, another leak has appeared regarding the so-called PlayStation 5 Slim from a Chinese forum called A9VG

Like the previous leak, the Chinese forum didn’t leak a video, but they did leak a partial image of the device, which looks like a differently designed PlayStation 5. It could be the alleged “Slim” variant. 

Alleged PlayStation 5 Slim Leaked Image
Source: A9VG

The leaked image also matches the device showcased in the leaked video. The leak also says that the new model is 5 cm (roughly 2 inches) taller than the existing PlayStation 5 model but has the same thickness. 

Additionally, the leak says the new PlayStation 5 Slim has a new black slit in the middle, a detachable disc drive, and two USB-C ports at the front of the device.

Once again, even with two consequent leaks showcasing the same device, we are still not sure about its legitimacy. So, don’t get your hopes up just yet. 

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