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Apple watches are helping students cheat on exams (well, the rich ones at least)

One can only assume that this was what Steve Jobs had in mind all along.

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Quick story: When I was in middle school and still had a half dozen brain cells floating around, I would sometimes help my friends cheat on tests. Like Walter White, I did it because I liked it, I was good at it, and I felt alive. I also did it because I was a nerd looking to gain access into the cool kid circles by any means necessary.

One of the aforementioned cool kids, let’s call him Ryan, was the main beneficiary of my generosity/desperation. So, when Ryan came to me looking for help on our Spanish final, I instantly agreed, even despite the fact that the Spanish final was held in a special testing room and monitored by a handful of teachers.

The test was broken into two parts: multiple choice and oral. Knowing that I could in no way help him pass the latter, I devised a method to make sure he would ace the former which more or less involved Morse code-ing him the answers with my clicky pen. Ryan passed the test, and my epic ascension into the Waxbury Junior high elite began.

Using the Apple Watch to cheat on tests

Anyways, I guess the point of the story is that nerds like me will never be able to gain popularity through backdoor methods anymore because everyone’s just cheating on their Apple Watches.

That’s according to a recent article by The Outline, at least, which cites an ever-growing sector of Youtube “How To” videos that teach young students exactly that.

Nikias Molina runs the YouTube channel Apple World. Molina posted a 2018 video showing subscribers how to use various apps on the Apple Watch to cheat on exams. “Basically, my audience wanted me to do it,” Molina told me. “I know friends who have done it, so I showed their ways.”

Check out the video below

When asked about the ethical concerns of posting such a video, the 20-year-old Youtube vlogger was unsurprisingly unmoved.

“In the U.S., cheating feels like a bad thing to do,” he said. “In Spain, it still feels like a bad thing to do, but people aren’t ashamed of it. They’re more honest about it.”

While this should probably be a concerning statement, I’m too busy fist-pumping over the fact that the United States has the moral high ground on an issue. U-S-A! U-S-A!!

With no standardized rules regarding the use of Apple Watches during tests, it looks like students (well, rich ones at least) will maintain the upper hand for the time being when it comes to test time. And honestly more power to them. The “fake soda bottle label” trick has been fully busted at this point, and what’s the point of schooling if not to breed innovation? Today’s Apple Watch scammer is tomorrow’s Bill Gates – quite literally, because that dude stole everything.

What do you think? Should smartwatches be banned during test times? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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