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Super Mario RPG is making a triumphant return to the switch

Super Mario RPG is back, and it is looking better than ever!

An animated cartoon animal figure is playing a Nintendo SUPER RPG MARIO game in a clipart cartoon animation.
Image: Nintendo

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A few games come to mind when you think of “Nintendo Jail.”

Mother 3, a game that has never seen an official English release. Secret of Evermore and Terranigma are also a pair of games that Nintendo seems to forget exists.

The true crime, however, was that outside of the Wii U Virtual Console and the Super NES Classic, Nintendo failed to acknowledge Super Mario RPG existed.

Well, that was until this most recent Nintendo Direct.

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Image: KnowTechie

During the Nintendo Direct event, we learned that the company is completely remaking the cult favorite JRPG with new graphics, music, and potentially even enemies.

“Originally released on Super NES, Super Mario RPG has been overhauled with new graphics! Join Mario, Bowser, Princess Peach, and original characters Mallow and Geno, in an RPG filled with twists, turns and treasure. Mario must team up with his allies to face down a menacing force known as the Smithy Gang in order to recover seven stars and repair the Star Road.”

The updated graphics enhance Super Mario RPG’s magic without detracting from it. The trailer features refreshed music that adds a new twist to the already legendary soundtrack. Here, judge for yourself:

The joint effort of Square Enix and Nintendo really is an unexpected treat for those that are fans of classic, turn-based RPGs.

Super Mario RPG is a game that was, in many ways, an entry point for some people to get into JRPGs and a keystone title for others that enjoyed a solid game.

super mario rpg with The user interacts with the graphical interface.
Image: Nintendo

With this news and the news of Star Ocean: The Second Story R coming to the Nintendo Switch as well, JRPG fans will be having an amazing come November 2023.

As for a release date, expect to see Super Mario RPG launch on the Nintendo Switch on November 17.

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