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Watch this Tesla tow a truck that was blocking a Supercharger Station

Seems like a quick way to get shot by a redneck tbh

Okay, like first, in the name of responsible journalism, don’t try this at home. It’s likely going to end badly. Apparently, there’s a shitty thing that some irresponsible Bro-truck owners (you know, the jacked-up ones that spew coal dust into the air as a big f*k you to the environment) are doing at Tesla Supercharger locations.  A bunch of special bro-flakes trucks blockaded a Tesla Supercharger station in Hickory, North Carolina just before Christmas, chanting incredibly witty rejoinders like “F*k Tesla.” Oh the brain cells on them.

This wasn’t an isolated incident, as another Tesla Supercharger location with a Bro-kade popped up on Reddit. Unfortunately, there was no mention of where this second picture was from, so it’s anyone’s guess if it’s the same group of unfulfilled rednecks or another tribe of Billy-Bob wannabes.

This practice even has a name in the electric vehicle community – “Icing,” which refers to blocking a charging station, named after the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). Usually, it’s just inattention on the part of the gas-guzzler driver or maybe they’re the type who routinely park on double-lines or in handicapped spaces. This wanton display of toxic masculinity takes it to a new level though, while staying around to jeer at the tree-hugging EV drivers.

Just tow ’em out the way

Now, this is a prime opportunity for the aggressive Tesla owner to get their own back. Their electric motors have a huge amount of low-end torque. We’ve seen a video of a Tesla towing a Semi truck with a trailer up a hill in the snow, so a Silverado should be no trouble at all, right?

Heck, ol’ Muskrat showed a video of a Model X towing 250,000 lbs of crap out of one of the Boring Company’s tunnels.

More about video

That’s what YouTuber Tesla Trip set out to find out. Now before you watch the video, you need to know that it was a family member’s Silverado that got yanked around, so no dubious legalities took place. They parked the Silverado with the emergency brake on, to simulate a recalcitrant bro-trucker in all its glory. This was all done at an empty Supercharger station in Loveland, Colorado.

The Tesla Model X made quick work of shifting the 5,104 lb Chevy smoke-chugger, after a couple of seconds of straining the friction of the back tires was easily overcome. That’s all without going more than a couple of mph too, I’ve got no doubt that the result would be even more explosive if the Tesla went faster.

Did you watch the video? Have you ever been ‘Iced?’ Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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