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What are the top technology companies in the iGaming sector?

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While it is very easy to observe the progress of the technology that is designed to target the regular retail consumers (people like you and me), the technologies coming from the less common industries are much harder to spot. However, quite often they are the ones that actually drive the progress. Today we are going to take a look at the iGaming sector, another world for online betting and casino games, and see what kind of technologies the top companies bet on.


One of the UK’s largest software companies, which is also included in the FTSE 250 (the index of the largest London Stock Exchange-traded companies), is specializing in the business-to-business services for various online betting and casino operators. To get a better list of the companies Playtech is working with, it is recommended to check the bookies listed at and see the overall magnitude of the industry. Today the company together with its online betting partners, like Coral, is getting into a completely new niche – Virtual Sports.

While people always enjoy watching sports, betting companies realize that the matches are scarce. This is why Playtech has recently rolled out its line of Virtual Sport machines. These machines will replicate real-life football and other sports and will be solely powered by Artificial Intelligence. This gives us a clue that in the very near future we might actually see machines playing competitive sports.


If you have not bought any cryptocurrencies or participated in a certain Initial Coin Offering, you are more than likely to at least hear about those things. Well, in the year 2017 only a deaf person would not hear about Bitcoins, Ethereum, and dozens of other decentralized currencies. They have not only let people benefit from anonymous and fast transactions but also let the companies attract finances in an easy way.

Unikrn, an eSports betting company, is trying to revolutionize the way people bet online and it tries to do it from every possible angle. First of all, it only services electronic sports aka professional computer games, such as Dota 2, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, and so on. Secondly, instead of going through regular Venture Capital funding rounds, the Nevada-based company has decided to raise the capital via an Initial Coin Offering. This means that the company will not only let the general public own its shares, but will enable better access to eSports betting via its coin system.

Brick and mortar houses

Even though the online sector is growing very quickly, the offline sector is still adding groundbreaking technology into its operations. One of the key challenges for the casinos was the determination of the “dangerous” players or simply the blacklisted ones. Today many casinos are relying on face recognition technologies that help them prevent unwanted customers.

The world we live in today is currently a home for billions of cameras that are mostly designed for monitoring. In the very close future, these cameras can be powered by face recognition technology and be used for all-purpose, starting with advertising and going for various terrorism prevention methods.


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