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Does the iPhone 14 have USB-C?

Does Apple drop the Lightning port on the latest iPhone?

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Quick answer: No, the iPhone 14 does not support USB-C. Expect that to potentially come with the iPhone 15, however.

Apple’s iPhone 14 is now available. With upcoming regulations in place, does Apple’s new smartphone line use USB-C for charging?

Apple has slowly been transitioning many of its products to USB-C, but what does that mean for current and future iPhones?

Here’s what to know about USB-C charging on iPhone 14 models and beyond.

So, does the iPhone 14 drop the Lightning port?

Short answer: No

The iPhone 13 kept the Lightning port, and so did the iPhone 14.

That will probably change next year with the iPhone 15. That’s when analysts believe that Apple will finally replace the Lightning port with a USB-C one.

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There are many reasons why Apple could pick this date, from wanting to improve charging or data speeds.

It could also be because the EU has passed a law mandating USB-C on all electronics from the last part of 2024.

usb-c cables on eu flag
Image: KnowTechie

That means no more Lightning ports on iPhones, Apple accessories like the Magic Mouse or Apple Pencil, or any third-party accessories.

We’ll have to wait until the iPhone 15 or maybe even the iPhone 16 though, for the changes to be finalized.

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