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Apple just put the responsibility of AirTag safety onto the users

If you own AirTags or any other Apple device, the company released new guides to help keep you and your family safe.

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Apple just released a new “Personal Safety User Guide” to help you stay safe while using their devices.

It covers all aspects of how to regain control of your Apple devices and services, including a specific section dealing with “AirTag and other Find My accessories” safety.

That’s important because the impressive tracking ability of AirTags is also the most worrisome feature. Reports of stalking through AirTag use have appeared since their launch, as have reports of car thieves using them to track high-end vehicles.

Apple wants you to know how to stay safe

someone holding an apple airtag
Image: Unsplash

Apple has grouped multiple support resources together in this guide, separated by relevant sections. There’s a section on Safety and privacy tools, with guides for setting up two-factor authentication, using Private Browsing mode, and more.

Apple also includes a section of “Personal safety checklists,” all aimed at limiting the Find My application from sharing your location. These are an invaluable resource if you think you might be being stalked, or after you break up with a partner.

You can find those resources below:

The section that will likely interest most people is Review and take action, which has everything you need to know to keep informed about your privacy and security when using Apple products. Everything from controlling access to location data to checking on suspicious activity is covered.

There’s also a specific guide on AirTag safety, with how to check if one is near you, and what to do if you hear an AirTag make a sound.

Here are 13 additional guides that you should be aware of if you own Apple gear:

Again, while the AirTag section is what’s getting all the media attention, the rest of this list is just as important to know. You never know if your credentials have leaked or if your smart devices are being controlled by someone you don’t want.

Apple wants to position itself as a defender of its users’ privacy and safety. Having all of this information in one easily accessible place goes a long way towards helping those users keep themselves safe as well.

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