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Can the iPhone 11 use 5G?

5G offers blazing-fast connectivity and download speeds, but can you use it with your iPhone 11?

apple iphone with 5g
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Apple’s iPhone 11 is a great device with a plethora of features available to users who own the smartphone. You have a ton of apps to choose from and the phone’s camera is next-to-none when it comes to quality.

With the emergence of 5G on a global level, it does make one wonder about the iPhone 11’s internals and if owners can benefit from the sweet, sweet speed of 5G.

Without getting technical, 5G is able to flaunt these higher speeds thanks to improved network reliability and, of course, the ability to transmit data more efficiently. That means faster downloads and improved streaming quality anywhere 5G is available.

In our ever-connected world, speed is paramount so there is a lot to be excited about in regards to 5G.

So, can your snazzy iPhone 11 use 5G?

Short answer: No

Sadly, the iPhone 11 (any of the models, including the Pro Max) is not equipped with the internals required to utilize the new 5G technology. You’re going to be stuck with 4G. However, that could be changing with the upcoming iPhone 12.

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The iPhone 12 is rumored to have 5G capabilities. And it is not limited to just a certain (probably more expensive) model, with reports saying that all models will have 5G capabilities. If you stay on-the-go, this is definitely good news and may warrant the purchase of a new iPhone when it releases.

What do you think? Surprised the iPhone 11 doesn’t have 5G capabilities? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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