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Does the iPhone 11 have wireless charging?

The iPhone 11’s glass back holds the key to it all.

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Quick Answer: Yes, the iPhone 11 can wirelessly charge, as it supports the Qi wireless charging standard. It is compatible with Qi-certified chargers and can charge at a maximum rate of 7.5W.

Apple’s iPhone 11 is a smartphone enjoyed by millions (if not billions) of people worldwide.

At the time, the iPhone 11 boasted an impressive camera, a robust operating system, and numerous features that enhanced productivity and made leisure activities even more enjoyable.

The iPhone 11 came in various sizes, each offering distinct features such as screen size, battery capacity, and camera capabilities. However, one feature shared by all models was the inclusion of a glass back on the phone.

Fortunately, it wasn’t as delicate as one might have assumed, and this glass back was essential for the phone’s wireless charging capabilities.

We’ll dive into the more technical aspects of that below.

Iphone wireless charger

Does iPhone 11 have wireless charging?

Short answer: Yes

Yes, iPhone 11 wireless charging is supported thanks to the Qi wireless charging standard. Additionally, It is compatible with Qi-certified chargers and can charge at a maximum rate of 7.5W.

To get more technical, the iPhone’s glass back allows charging currents to easily pass through the back of the phone and into the Qi-enabled battery.

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Older phones, including some from other companies, featured metal in their construction. Although metal offered increased durability, it wasn’t an effective conductor for wireless charging technology.

Ravpower wireless charger

How to charge iPhone 11 wirelessly

This is the easiest how-to I’ll ever write in my career. To charge your iPhone 11 or 11 Pro Max wirelessly, it’s simple.

You can find any Qi-enabled charger and lay it flat on its back in the center of the charging pad; that’s it.

Our favorite Qi-enabled chargers for iPhone

One didn’t need to worry too much about choosing a wireless charging station, as any station that mentioned “Qi” was compatible with the iPhone.

Our favorite options then included the Aukey Graphite Lite Q 10W and the Pitaka MagDock.

At the time of writing this, we’re now leaning on the Twelve South PowerPic, the Belkin Boost Wireless Charging Stand 10W, and the Anker PowerWave II.

Anker PowerWave II

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Belkin Boost Charge 10W Wireless Charging Bundle

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